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Trees of Wealthy and Yellow Transparent fruited once in the Sterling area and were subsequently destroyed by moose browsing. Apple trees set in the other  It has some resistance to apple scab. The first tree planted on the farm was a Yellow Transparent! Share this:. Apple trees have a naturally erect growth habit and are usually trained to a central leader system with a primary trunk. In the piedmont *Yellow Transparent.

Transparent apple tree

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While this particular fruit tree is easy to grow, it certainly Yellow Transparents are fantastic for making juice, wine, Transparent here, and buy Yellow Transparent apple trees here. The tart fruits are believed to have been developed from the yellow transparent and Montgomery apple varieties and are one of the earliest cultivars to be found   If a soil test is available, specific recommendations for your apple trees will be easy to follow. Lodi (an improved yellow transparent type, great for sauce). Mar 11, 2018 Thin fruit as required.

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See our annual schedule, pricing charts, and wholesale info. Refine your tree search below. Pollination of Yellow Transparent apple trees Your Yellow Transparent apple tree is in flowering group 2.

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Transparent apple tree

In hot summer climates especially, begin picking while fruit is still green and tart. Season lasts 3-4 weeks. Yellow Transparent is a large early-season culinary apple, originating from Russia and quite widespread in Europe and North America.

(Most white-blossom crab-apples will also be good pollinators for this variety). Part of a new Urban Apple series. This columnar tree is perfect for small landscapes or containers. Good sized, tasty green apples will bear fruit the first year planted! Plant a second apple variety such as Urban Tasty Red or Golden Treat, for pollination and best fruit production.
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Transparent apple tree

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Thank you all for your information. We have 3 Transparent apple trees in our yard in Colorado at 7500 foot altitude. The apples are not very big, but these trees have not been taken care of for 25 or so years, so they are just now starting to come back. The apples are just right now, and I plan to use them in apple butter.
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White Transparent is an early-season cultivar of apple which is usually used for cooking due to its sharp taste. It is sometimes said to be the same as ' Yellow Transparent', but 'Yellow Transparent' is sometimes described differently, with fine rather than coarse flesh, and a sub-acid rather than acid flavour. Skin of fully ripe fruit is pale yellow, waxy, thin, transparent. In hot summer climates especially, begin picking while fruit is still green and tart.