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Podemos presentó una candidatura a las elecciones al parlamento europeo elaborada a través de elecciones primarias abiertas, que fue la cuarta más votada (7,98 %) y otorgó a Podemos cinco escaños. [31] Para varios medios, fue «la sorpresa» de los comicios. [32] [33] [34] Podemos: Spain's anti-corruption party ‘received illicit funding from Iran’ The El Confidencial news website claims the party received more than €5m through a Spanish TV station operated by Podemos was founded only a year ago and, in May, it stunned Spain’s political establishment by winning five seats in the European Parliament (1.25 million votes, nearly 8 percent). Podemos (IPA: [poˈðemos]), che in italiano significa «possiamo», è un partito politico spagnolo di sinistra, d'ispirazione socialdemocratica, no global ed eco-socialista, contrario all'austerità dell'Unione europea e propugnatore della democrazia diretta e della difesa dei diritti sociali (lavoro, istruzione, salute). See examples of Podemos in Spanish.

Podemos spain

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Feb 26, 2015 The far-left movement tied to the late Venezuelan leader has surged to the top of opinion polls less than a year ahead of national elections,  Feb 12, 2015 New populist left-wing political group aims to roll back austerity measures, renew emphasis on social welfare policies. Feb 19, 2019 Infighting, policy clashes and Venezuelan crisis leave leftist party in near-chaos. Oct 22, 2014 To celebrate his 36th birthday last weekend, Pablo Iglesias declared war on the Spanish establishment. "Heaven is not taken by consensus,"  May 17, 2015 Pablo Iglesias is a popular political science professor known to weave “Game of Thrones” analogies through his lectures on Machiavelli and  In September 2018, some unexpected good news came out of Spain: in exchange for their support on the 2019 budget, political party Podemos obtained a  5 Feb 2021 Contigo, construimos el cambio político en nuestro país.

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A journey through the history and nature of Castile and Extremadura, accompanied by small historical towns and large cities. In these uncertain times, the coronavirus pandemic is likely to further fuel populist narratives and heighten political risk for investors. Restaurante Mediterráneo, Majorca Picture: Wienerschnitzel. Ser inte ut som man är van men var spröd och supergod.

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Podemos spain

Dec 20, 2016 Chaired by Pablo Iglesias (b. 1978), the party rejects any placement on a traditional left-right scale, since one of its aims is too refound democracy  Jan 27, 2015 The one-year old Podemos party are already equal to the Popular and Socialist parties according to some polls. Apr 7, 2020 The arrival of Podemos and VOX on the Spanish political scene not only meant that voters had new electoral options. It also led to a new,  15 mars 2021 Pablo Iglesias démissionne pour contrer la présidente conservatrice sortante de la communauté de Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

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Podemos spain

In this Overseas Haven Report we feature Barcelona, Spain, one o Barcelona, capital of Spain’s Catalán region, is an enigmatic city of gracious, warm-hearted people. Find how you can get to know this city. For a city at the heart of a revolution, Barcelona seems very at peace… sleepy even. The streets ar Our Overseas Haven Report on Santander, Spain features a destination of simplicity, cleanliness, friendly people, and a real look at Spanish living.

Det spanska Ministeriet för utbildning, kultur och sport (MECD) i Sverige har här samlat några användbara tips och  Detta 30 minuter långa seminarium kommer att visa praktiska exempel på skillnaden mellan en äldre mätmaskin och en ny, när det kommer till både kvalitet och  Letar du efter en ny lägenhet eller hus att köpa? Se lyxiga större och mindre lägenheter, våningar och hus till salu där du bor. Sök Knight Frank.
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«Подемос» была основана в январе 2014 году группой левых активистов и интеллектуалов как политическое крыло Движения 15 марта, или «Индигнадос» — испанского аналога Occupy Wall Candidates from Podemos-backed coalitions won the mayor’s office in Madrid, Barcelona, and Cádiz, as well as seats on city councils and in regional governments throughout Spain. In Madrid, Podemos-backed candidates took twenty-one seats on the city council, while the ruling PP received twenty and the PSOE managed only nine. Ομιλία του Αλέξη Τσίπρα σε εκδήλωση για το σχέδιο νόμου Μητσοτάκη – Χατζηδάκη… σε ΖΩΝΤΑΝΗ ΜΕΤΑΔΟΣΗ και από το podemos.gr Κύπρος: Έφυγε από τη ζωή ο Αριστερός Αγωνιστής Βάσος Λυσσαρίδης LIVE – Διαδικτυακή Εκδήλωση Οι Accordingly, the CIS public opinion survey of the month of November, just released, indicates that Podemos would be the first political party in Spain as per direct vote (17,5%, followed by PSOE Mira más videos exclusivos de Violetta en http://www.disneylatino.com/disneychannel/series/violetta/¿Recuerdas este momento musical? Revive la emoción.Síguen As Podemos mulls an alliance with Spain's Socialists, allegations have surfaced about the party’s ties with Iran and Venezuela. But as Martin Delfín reports from Madrid, questions are being Podemos advocate auditing and restructuring Spain’s debt, stopping evictions of those unable to pay their mortgage, defending public healthcare and education, and introducing urgent anti 2021-04-19 · Spain’s fragmented far-right parties are largely driven by nostalgia for Franco and live up to the stereotype.