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It was used to switch gas between the two pipelines, compress the gas and to inspect and clean the pipelines. MCP-01 was built in Sweden by Doris Engineering and installed in the summer of 1976 2010-08-02 Vesterled This 32-inch pipeline runs for about 350 km from the Heimdal riser facility to St. Fergus in the UK and became operational in 1978. It has a capacity of about 36 mill. scm/day. Total investment in Vesterled is put at NOK 31.4 billion (2005 value). As a result, flows through the Vesterled pipeline to the St Fergus gas terminal near Peterhead dropped to zero. Statoil said it hoped to resume gas exports through the pipeline on Friday.

Vesterled pipeline

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Condensate is piped via Britain’s Brae field to Cruden Bay in Scotland. At times, gas flows in the reverse direction from Stat- Vesterled. 5 likes. Vesterled is a natural gas pipeline system, which runs from the Heimdal field (Heimdal Riser platform) in the North Sea to St Fergus Gas Plant near Peterhead in Scotland. The name 2011-03-04 · Gassco AS, the operator of Norway’s natural-gas pipeline network, plans to close the Vesterled link to the U.K. for maintenance in May, according to two people familiar with the work schedule.

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Condensate is transported to the Brae field in the UK sector and further via the Forties pipeline system to Cruden Bay in the UK. 15 Nov 2001 When the Vesterled gas pipeline to the UK was connected to the Heimdal platform late this summer, all the protective clothing the divers  Grane. Huldra Oseberg.

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Vesterled pipeline

Balgzand to Bacton, (BBL). 19.5 bcm. Gas field pipelines. 56.6 bcm/y. •.

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Vesterled pipeline

Norwegian gas pipeline operator Gassco said flows to Britain via the Vesterled pipeline should soon drop to zero due to a planned maintenance stop that is scheduled to last for 21 days.

Pipelines similar to or like Vesterled Frigg UK System Natural gas transportation system from the North Sea gas fields to St. Fergus near Peterhead in Scotland. Fulmar Gas Line Natural gas pipeline which transports natural gas from the central North Sea to St Fergus, Scotland.
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Background TotalFinaElf (TFE) have requested consent to install a new 32” pipeline that will connect the Heimdal Riser Platform in Construction of the main pipeline, the Frigg UK pipeline, started in 1974 and was completed in 1977. It was built to transport natural gas from the Frigg gas field to the United Kingdom. Because of technical limitations, it was decided to build two parallel pipelines, one (the Frigg UK pipeline) by the United Kingdom and one by Norway (former Frigg Norwegian Pipeline, now Vesterled ). Vesterled and West of Shetland pipeline are connected through St Fergus, North Sea, Scotland and more.. Vesterled is a natural gas pipeline system, which runs from the Heimdal field (Heimdal Riser platform) in the North Sea to St Fergus Gas Plant near Peterhead in Scotland.The name Vesterled is the term used by the Vikings for their westward voyages, i.e. vesterled = "the way westward". Together with gas from Valemon, Skirne, Atla, Heimdal and Vale, gas from the Oseberg Gas Transport system (OGT) is divided between the Statpipe and Vesterled pipelines and distributed onwards to the European continent and the UK. Condensate from processed gas on Heimdal will be sent by pipeline to the Brae platform in the UK sector.